City of Andrews Food Pantry gets vandalized

City of Andrews Food Pantry gets vandalized

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - The Andrews Food Pantry has been experiencing vandalism.

Andrews residents Coby Robins and Caleb Criner have lived in Andrews their entire life. When they were kids, they used to play on the playground by the old elementary school on 5th Street. Now the building sits there as Andrews' Food Pantry.

"We grew up playing around this school and playing on the playgrounds out here," said resident Caleb Criner.

The building is right next to Criner's grandparents' home. Robins said the food pantry has a history of being previous buildings.

"This used to be an elementary school where our parents actually went to kindergarten," said Coby Robins. "It became a nursing school. Now it's a food pantry."

The building is only open two days out of the week but with doors locked and the building being vacant, it has recently been vandalized with broken windows, glass and even eggs that have been thrown at the walls.

"It's kind of sad to see especially in a residential area," said Robins. "Especially the food pantry torn up the way it is."

They said they have been seeing kids spending time around the building.

"Every time we come over here, its always messed up, torn up," said Criner. "Kids running around here when they shouldn't be. Just kind of sad seeing it kind of run down in this neighborhood that could be a lot nicer."

Criner said schools and parks in Andrews are usually the targeted areas for vandalism.

"This happened to be both at one point, I wish it was taken better care of for sure. It hasn't been since its become the food pantry, they haven't fixed it up at all and doesn't seem like they're taking a whole lot of time and interest so it makes the area look a little run down."

We reached out to Andrews Food Pantry but they are only open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We will follow up with the city to see if any actions will be taken.

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