Local church looking for stolen trailer with up to $25,000 worth of equipment

Local church looking for stolen trailer with up to $25,000 worth of equipment

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Community Bible Church's trailer was stolen on the 7200 block of Giotto Thursday.

Shane Branecky is a co-pastor at the church. The trailer is usually kept behind his home where it was stolen.

"It's really devastating because its things we need to continue to exist, to provide Sunday services," Branecky said. "We don't have a building. We're mobile and that's the thing. Everything we own is in our trailer."

The trailer had up to $25,000 worth of music equipment and nursery items from their children's ministry.

"It's very devastating because its been a long process to collect all these things and put all these things together," he said. "We have to make conscious decisions on everything that we purchase. We say we have an x-amount of dollars to purchase this or this, what is more of a priority for us."

The trailer is described as a 6x2 grey trailer. It included items such as music and sound equipment like speakers, monitors, and microphone stands. They also had  a portable baptistery, changing tables, baby-swingers and rockers for the kids nursery.

"They look like nursery toys, but for us, that was something that we really had to be considered of," said Branecky. "With us being such a young church, we have limited resources, and so everything that we do spend is valuable for us."

Branecky said the church will have a leadership meeting to decide plans for this Sunday. He hopes the thief will return the trailer to help continue their services.

"We just ask you don't have to bring it back, just leave it wherever it is," he said. "Hopefully through the spreading of everything that's happened, someone will find it and be in contact with the police and they can get it back to us."

Branecky filed a police report with the Odessa Police Department. He has to wait on insurance to give him an estimation. You can help with church donations by visiting their website or you can text any dollar amount to 84321.

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