Caught on Cam: Burglary in broad daylight

Caught on Cam: Burglary in broad daylight

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Another brazen robbery out of Odessa. In broad daylight, two suspects pulled up to a woman's house and took off with an air compressor.

"A couple of guys drive by a house and they see an air compressor in a lady's garage," said Odessa Crime Stoppers Susan Rogers. "They see it's open, so they just pull right in, take that compressor and walk right out with it."

There are two suspects that will be charged with burglary of a habitation if we can track them down. Rogers suggests paying close attention to their car, a newer model black Jeep.

"Take a look at him and take a look at that car," Rogers said. "Nine times out of ten, that's what helps us. You know somebody who drives that car and even though the video is not of his face, you recognize him because of the car."

Rogers said the woman was home when this burglary happened. Giving us even more reason, as if we needed one, to find these criminals.

"You can't even open your garage to work around your yard or do anything like that where somebody doesn't come by and steal something out of your garage," said Rogers. "So these guys need to go to jail for it."

Another important take away from this is the importance of home surveillance. If the homeowner did not have a system set up, there would be two burglars roaming the streets looking for another victim.

"Her surveillance video has been very successful for us," Rogers said. "It's helped law enforcement numerous times to identify the actors in these types of crimes."

If you have any information on these two, give Odessa Crime Stoppers a call at (432) 333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and could land yourself a cash reward.

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