Midland College Police Department get body cameras

Midland College Police Department get body cameras

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland College Police Department received their body cameras on Tuesday. With just the press of a button, Midland College Police can now record every encounter they have on their campus.

The department just got the new cameras yesterday after a year of planning, trying out different cameras, and talking with their officers.

"Everybody has been on board. I think it's just a win, win situation for the officers and for the college," said Midland College Police Chief Richard McKee.

"I would definitely thank Midland College for that. That means that they are thinking of us and our best interest as well as theirs," said full-time student Glyndia Charles.

Mckee realized his department needed cameras after he thought about how much time his officers spend outside of their vehicles.

"Here on the college campus, while we do make traffic stops, a lot of our interactions occur on a sidewalk or in a building or in a dormitory," said McKee.

Each camera costs $400 and records 20 hours of video. Once the camera is full, the video is uploaded into evidence storage and cannot be edited.

All Midland College police will be trained with the new cameras in time for the start of the school year in July.

Other local law enforcement agencies like the Midland and Odessa Police Departments have not yet received the amount of funding needed to get body cameras.

Midland City Council just recently approved the department to apply for a grant through the Office of the Governor's Criminal Justice Division. The attorney general's office has about $10 million available to police departments and sheriff's offices across Texas to help fund the body cameras.

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