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City of Midland recommending product that will kill mosquitoes before hatching

Scientists studying mosquitoes (Source: KWES/File Video) Scientists studying mosquitoes (Source: KWES/File Video)

With rain comes green grass, occasional rainbows and standing water. The last one of those being a breeding ground to mosquitoes.

Places such as Howard County and the City of Midland are asking citizens to help take out any potential spots where mosquitoes could live.

“I'm asking that all of the residents just look around,” said Howard County Judge, Kathryn G. Wiseman. “Kick over any cans or any pots or anything else that has any standing water in them and make sure they are protected and especially protect their children.”

Although spraying can certainly do the job, it's not a definitive answer as it's only killing adults and sometimes not all of them. The city of Midland even stopped spraying and has been using a different method to attack the insects before they hatch. Sara Bustilloz with the City of Midland recommends residents do the same.

“So generally what we use, they're called mosquito dunks or mosquito donuts,” said Bustilloz. “You can purchase them for your own house at Home Depot or Lowes and you just throw them in the water. They'll kill any larvae of the mosquitoes before they become adults.”

Bustilloz also said that people should still wear bug spray as a protective measure. She said doing so will help protect against the West Nile Virus as it is more of a threat than Zika in the state of Texas.

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