Odessa medicine drop box celebrates two-year anniversary

Odessa medicine drop box celebrates two-year anniversary
Medicine drop box celebrates two year anniversary. (Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of the Medicine Drop box in Odessa.

Anyone with unwanted prescription pills, whether they are expired or just not needed, you can use the 24-hour drop box in front of the Odessa Police Department.

Odessa police said within the last two years, the drop box has received a couple hundred pounds of unwanted medication.

"With this initiative here at the police department, with the box we do have a box placed at the Sheriff's Department as well, and with the medication takeback days we have teamed up with the DEA, we've had four of those in the last two years plus these boxes, we've collected over 902 pounds in the community of Odessa," said Prevention Program Director, Mellessa Brenem.

The Odessa Police Department said there's no need to worry about being arrested if you're just disposing of unwanted pills.

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