Honoring fallen heroes with a drink

Honoring fallen heroes with a drink

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It started with one man leaving a drink for his fallen friend the night before Memorial Day.

Now it's gained lots of attention on social media and has others following in his footsteps.

Dozens of drinks were left on tables honoring both former and active Military members. It's something the staff at Buffalo Wild Wings in Midland hasn't seen before but they hope to see again.

"It automatically gave me chills, I wanted to cry at one point," said sever Kayla Richter.

It all started Sunday night, when a man bought a beer for his fallen buddy.  He left the full beer on the table with a note, when the servers saw it they didn't have the heart to throw it away.

"People were walking by kind of confused so I thought I should probably make a note saying what happened, so I did," said server Madison Glover.

The note said the table was reserved and encouraged others to say a prayer and thank the troops.

Soon, that's exactly what people did.

"People just kept going over there and adding to it. I would say within an hour there were several beers and shots. By the end of the night we had to pull three tables to accommodate for all the drinks, the notes and the prayers," said Glover.

There was even a call from the state of Colorado Sunday night. A man said he saw a photo on Facebook and wanted to leave a drink with a message. He then paid over the phone.

Both servers say they hope the man who left the first drink gets to see what he started..

"This isn't about the money or to see how big we can get it. This is about honoring the people that we love and those who fought for our country," said Richter.

Management said this is something they had never participated in before but hope to take part in in the future.

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