Residents near Midland Polo Club react to Saturday's shooting

Residents near Midland Polo Club react to Saturday's shooting

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Residents said the neighborhood where last Saturday's shooting took place is usually pretty quiet.

Laura McCright, lives across the street from the club said, "It made me feel like it happened in my backyard because it truly did."

Residents like Laura McCright reacted to the news the Midland Polo Club being the scene of a deadly shooting. Midland Police arrested 26 year old Ernesto Natividad after they say he shot and killed 20 year old Walter Galicia.

"It was kind of frightening. I walked this area almost everyday and when I realized where it was I thought to myself I walk right by this street," said McCright.

Police believe Natividad and Galicia did some work at the Polo Grounds and were arguing at the time of the shooting.
Todd Stanaford, another resident who lives across the street from the club said, "We heard a lot of sirens so I just thought it was ambulance and rescue. There were a lot of police over there."

Stanaford added at first he and his wife thought someone just fell off their horse and that's when his 13 year old daughter explained there wouldn't be  many police officers if it was the case.

"I guess it would be unusual for a routine emergency, apparently somebody was shot," said Stanaford.

As more information becomes available on the shooting residents are split when it comes to believing something like this could happen again.

"I feel like if it happens in this area, it could happen almost anywhere," said McCright.

"I think it's pretty isolated this is really nice neighborhood. I feel pretty safe," said Stanaford.

Officials at the Midland Police Department tell NewsWest 9 they are finishing up their police report and due to the holiday they will have more information on the shooting tomorrow.

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