American Legion hosts fifth Memorial Day service

American Legion hosts fifth Memorial Day service

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - While many people went out to celebrate Memorial Day by going to lakes and barbecuing, others are remembering the ones they lost at services.

The American Heritage funeral home and cemetery played host to its now fifth Memorial service in partnership with American Legion and others. The hour-long service helps friends and family cope with loss. Veteran Manuel Herrera, 101, says its a very important day for him.

"Lot of memories," Herrera said. "Because I lost my brother and I lost my son. A lot of memories, a lot of memories."

Although there are plenty of people out remembering the fallen heroes, there are a few   who use the day to relax. Korean and Vietnam veteran Jim Silvers has seen this and wishes they'd open their eyes.

"I'm not mad at the people," Silvers said. "It's just the idea of what some of them are doing, they don't stop to think of the sacrifices of their veterans."
The American Legion didn't have trouble getting anyone to show, as it was standing room only. It was also the first service without long-time leader Bill Gaston, who died tragically in a car crash last December.

"He was just a very special person," American Heritage owner David Cole said. "A very special person to us. He opened up from a personal perspective and really allowed us into his life. It's hard not to have him here."