Caprock Motorplex in Penwell raising money to repair track

Caprock Motorplex in Penwell raising money to repair track

PENWELL, TX (KWES) - Last week Caprock Motorplex in Penwell had caught fire. Although no one was hurt physically, plenty of damage happened both financially and emotionally.

"You're just sick," Caprock owner Justin Kirkham said. "It's your livelihood, you might as well say my house is on fire. It's sickening."

That's the feeling owner Justin Kirkham had when he received a call that his track was on fire from a friend who was driving by. Kirkham said they lost just about everything you need to have official races and the damages reach about $100,000. He plans on raising the money through fundraising and street-style races.
"When I say street-style, they don't require the timing system that we need," Kirkham said. "They don't require a lot of the electronics that we have to have, so it's a real low cost event."

With Caprock being temporarily closed, the nearest track is over two hours away, which could become a problem for local racers.

"The closest race track to here now that's up and running is Abilene," Kirkham said. "There's one in Amarillo, one in El Paso and one in Hobbs, New Mexico."

Kirkham said that it could be a while before they fundraise the $100,000 but sponsors and others have been helping and he also a scheduled visit from the TV show "Street Outlaws."

Kirkham said it could be a while before they get back to where they were but will continue to hold street-style races until they get there.