Man drowns at Moss Creek Lake in Big Spring

Man drowns at Moss Creek Lake in Big Spring

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A man drowned at Moss Creek Lake in Big Spring Saturday afternoon.

"It could happen a split second that your child or someone else older can drown so fast, so soon," said Christina Sierra, a lake visitor who was present with her family at the scene.

Witnesses said they were still in shock after learning about the death that happened right where they were spending the weekend with family.

"I noticed that there were helicopters around the area," said Sierra. "I wasn't sure what kind of helicopter it was until I saw it was an ambulance helicopter."

Police arrived at the lake around 2:30 p.m. after they received a call about a possible drowning.

"I saw a hand on the side of the boat and from there, we were there waiting," said Sierra.

Witnesses told officers that 28-year-old David Upchurch was swimming in the lake with his stepson and his stepson's friend. They said when Upchurch was swimming to shore, he began screaming and yelling for help. When witnesses started swimming out to Upchurch, police said he panicked, removed his flotation device and continued swimming to shore.

"It's very scary because everyone needs to have a life vest," said Sierra. "Even the little kids."

Witnesses eventually lost sight of Upchurch as he went underwater and never came back up. The lake was closed off temporarily while a dive team searched the water. It was re-opened for park visitors shortly after.

Upchurch was found on the southwest side of the lake about 50 yards from shore. Police said Justice of the Peace Judge Robert Fitzgibbons arrived and pronounced Upchurch dead two hours later.

Sierra said visitors should be careful when they arrive at a lake and always keep an eye on friends or family.

"Stay close with your kids at all times. Even grown-ups, you got to be careful."

Upchurch was taken to Myers and Smith funeral home. Police said alcohol was not believed to be a factor in the drowning.

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