Body found near tracks identified as Odessa teen

Body found near tracks identified as Odessa teen

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A dead teenager that was found near the railroad tracks on Sunday afternoon has been identified as Josue Garcia, 17, of Odessa, using fingerprint comparison.

Family said he was 16, despite what the press release said and has been living with friends since about December after running away from his uncle's house.

Garcia's uncle, Omar Garcia, said though Josue has had trouble in the past, he was a good kid. He said that his wife and him had not found out he was missing until he saw a Facebook post.

"Yeah yesterday [Thursday] is when the sheriff showed up at our house," said Garcia. "They spoke to my wife and that's pretty much when they asked her to sit down. They went ahead and notified her that the body was my nephews. So my sister had just posted on Facebook, as a matter of fact, that he had been missing for the last four days. It kind of sucks that he had been dead for the last four days and no one knew."

The family also didn't know much about his death, which is reportedly caused by him jumping out of a train. What they do know, is that it hasn't fully hit yet.

"It's surreal man," said Garcia. "Like right now, I still can't believe it. I'm glad I'm able to talk right now cause like I said it comes and it goes. It hits you, you realize he's gone, then you don't. I guess not until you see him laying in that casket, it's probably going to hit home," said Garcia.

The family is raising money for his funeral on June 3, 2016 through washing cars and a Go Fund Me page.

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