Homeowners speak out about their experience with drug raids

Homeowners speak out about their experience with drug raids

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - During the raids an Odessa home suffered some heavy damage, the homeowners said the man law enforcement was looking for doesn't even live there.

The house was easy to spot because of the broken windows and plastic covering them.
With tears in their eyes the homeowners said when they woke up this morning, they thought they were in a war zone.

"You're afraid to get shot, you're afraid to get killed, you're afraid to make any movement," said homeowner Carmen Galindo.

Galindo's home was raided early Thursday morning. Law enforcement was looking for Galindo's grandson but she said he doesn't live in her home, instead he lives in a duplex she rented out to him, behind her home.

Galindo lives with her husband, they're both elderly and on fixed incomes. She said she feared her husband would have a heart attack when they both woke up in fear.

"If their investigation is correct, if they've been investigating this for the last few years. They knew exactly where he lived, because they've [law enforcement] been there before," said Galindo.

Galindo said 11 windows were broken during the raid, the cost to fix them is unknown and said she wasn't aware of the illegal activity her grandson was involved with.

The family is relieved they didn't suffer any health issues from the scare and hope to be able to repair their home soon.

"I understand that they have a job to do, but is this also what they're supposed to do? They know who lives here, they've always known who lives here. They know that we're elderly because we're outside constantly," said Galindo.

During the press conference regarding the raids, law enforcement said warrants are carried out with the thought of safety first but could not speak on any specific arrests.

The homeowner said the city of Odessa is trying to work out a way to help them with repairs.

Anyone wanting to help the Galindo family can contact Belmont Baptist Church.

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