Nine arrested in raid with ties to the motorcycle gang La Familia

Nine arrested in raid with ties to the motorcycle gang La Familia

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - FBI Special Agent Douglas Lindquist of the El Paso division stood at the podium Thursday morning and talked about the nine arrests of members in the La Familia motorcycle club. Drugs, guns, and cash were seized in the raid.

"Today's operation resulted in a seizure of cocaine and marijuana in ten locations. We found ten weapons six of those were long guns three shot guns and three assault weapons and four pistols. We also seized $146,000 in cash and seven vehicles and motorcycles," said Lindquist.

Lundquist added the La Familia club was patched over from the Bandidos motorcycle club after the incident in April 2015 where they along with another group were going to fight at the Last Few Bar in Odessa. Sheriffs from Midland County intervened and stopped it before anything happened. Six weeks later the shooting in Waco occurred between the gangs. Lindquist said officials from ATF to the Odessa Police Department helped bring in these nine suspects.

"That's our goal is to continue to work together to continue to do that and serve the public," said Lindquist.

Authorities say their work is not yet finished. There are still three more suspects they expect to arrest and they say they hope to do it soon.

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