32 arrested following joint drug operation in Midland, Odessa

32 arrested following joint drug operation in Midland, Odessa
Photo of one of the drug busts. (Source: Michelle Allen/Facebook)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A joint drug operation by federal, state and local authorities resulted in the arrest of 32 individuals after 10 raids were carried out on Thursday.

Various agencies teamed up including the Odessa Police Department, Midland Police Department, Ector County Sheriff's Office, Midland County Sheriff's Office, DPS, U.S. Marshals, FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

"Many dedicated individuals were involved in this multi-agency investigation. These crimes are serious crimes that are multi-dimensional and in order to effectively combat them in our major cities and elsewhere across Texas require a multifaceted approach, and seamless coordination of efforts across the jurisdictions and across all the different agencies that you see behind me today," said Kerry Matthews, Commander of TXDPS Region 4.

Odessa police had 50 officers helping to conduct the eight warrants executed.

The two investigations, Operation Buying Pebbles and Operation Glittery Bowtie, resulted in indictments charging 41 people on various drug charges.

Agents said in Operation Glittery Bowtie, a total of 25 people were arrested on Thursday morning with eight people still on the run. Also, eight people were already in custody prior to the take down.

"With the information today, law enforcement officers and agents hope they will be able to take some of the information they have learned today, along with other information they have already learned during the course of this investigation and see about expanding it further," said Bill Lewis, chief of the Midland Division U.S. Attorney's Office. "Where does it take us from here? Where do we go from here?"

We're told those arrested in Operation Glittery Bowtie face charges ranging from conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, distribution of cocaine and maintain a drug involved premise and possession with intent to distribute cocaine within a school zone.

During Operation Buying Pebbles, seven people were also arrested Thursday. All seven men were charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine.

According FBI Special Agent in Charge, Douglas Lindquist, all seven men were members of the La Familia Motorcycle Club.

In all, several vehicles, weapons, drugs, a house and $195,000 in cash were seized in the operations.

All those arrested are in federal custody. Detention hearings are scheduled for next week in Midland.

Arrested Thursday

  • Elijah George Pena, 33, of Odessa
  • Jim Paro Jones, 33, of Odessa
  • Matthew Reynaldo Rodriguez, 29, of Odessa
  • Brandon Joe Jerrell, 33, of Odessa
  • Steve Maurice Tyler, 48, of Odessa
  • Stephen O'Brien Tyler, 26, of Odessa
  • Clarence Edward Stephens, 25, of Odessa
  • Andrea Nicole Skaggs, 24, of Odessa
  • Darrel Shamarr Green, 37, of Odessa
  • Derrold Glen Hunt, 26, of Odessa
  • Albert Urcelo Llanez, 48, of Odessa
  • Maedella Adama Berignanc, 42, of Odessa
  • Varrick Jafate McDonald, 46, of Odessa
  • Kimberly Nicole Phillips, 37, of Odessa
  • Sharla Ann Mitchell, 30, of Odessa
  • Derrick Deondre Price, 33, of Odessa
  • Jason Mims, 28, of Odessa
  • Shambernyka L. Montgomery, 23, of Odessa
  • Tamika Lashell Ray, 24, of Odessa
  • Zandra Beshaw, 28, of Odessa
  • Robert Winszel McAfee, 22, of Odessa
  • Nathan Darnell McDowell, 24, of Odessa
  • Dorothy Norris, 61, of Midland
  • Randon Sean Prince, 25, of Odessa
  • Dashia Marie Williams, 24, of Odessa
  • Paul Reyes Rodriguez, 35, of Odessa
  • Patrick Amalio Carrillo, 26, of Odessa
  • Roy Christopher Rodriguez, 27, of Odessa
  • Ruben Rodriguez, Jr., 30, of Odessa
  • Nicholas Domingo Rodriguez, 23, of Odessa
  • Renato Souza Paz, 31, of Odessa
  • Ryan Frausto, 29, of Odessa

Fugitives still on the run

  • Makayla Ynette Young, 20, of Odessa
  • Megan Michelle Blackwood, 29, of Odessa
  • Brittany Tra Lea McDonald, 24, of Odessa
  • Kion Dequann Spears, 20, of Odessa
  • Patrice Michelle Berry, 42, of Odessa
  • Izaihll Jerome Jackson, 30, of Odessa
  • Ennis Shedwin, 43, of Odessa
  • Kevorick Trivellua Shedwin, 26, of Odessa

Suspects already in custody before drug bust

  • April Elizabeth Dixon, 27, of Odessa
  • Clarence Edward Green, 33, of Odessa
  • Brandon D'Morris King, 27, of Odessa
  • Andrea Deshawn Boyd, 28, of Odessa
  • Barry Wayne King, 23, of Odessa
  • Jaylon Samuels, 21, of Odessa
  • Jade Danielle Roberts, 19, of Odessa
  • Raymond Glynn Sanders, Jr., 37, of Odessa

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