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Family claims grandfather was injured for looking through trash in Odessa

Grandfather attacked in Odessa. (Source: KWES) Grandfather attacked in Odessa. (Source: KWES)

Ermila Watts expressed sadness and anger as she explained the injuries her grandfather sustained. She said her granddad was hurt by a man who wouldn't let him go through a trash can like this one in an alley on 24th and Sycamore in Odessa earlier this week.

"He had him with his hands behind his back and he put his knee on his neck and the other one on his shoulder blade. He kept hitting his head on the ground and hitting him," said Watts.

Bruises and marks including the one on Teoflio's chest could be seen. Watts said her grandfather told her his body went limp in the alley and she believes the incident would've been worse.

"It was really secluded, heaven forbid something would've happened to him there was no way we would've been able to find him", said Watts.

Watts added their family is still trying to find answers as to why this happened to her granddad.

"It's been difficult, we're overwhelmed with emotions. We're sad and we're mad but then we also want to be here for him and we also know that we can't just let our emotions take over."

We reached out to the Ector County Sheriffs Office and they say the investigation into the incident is on going.

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