Big Spring man's home a total loss after tornado hits

Big Spring man's home a total loss after tornado hits

A Big Spring man was trapped inside his home during a tornado Sunday night.

"Not much I can do now, the tornado just took the roof off the house," said resident Blake Thomas in a video he took of the incident.

Thomas' home began tearing down from the twister while he was inside. He said he's lucky to be alive.

"I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it," said Thomas. "I didn't think I was going to see my family anymore. I was on the phone with my dad telling him 'bye' and that I loved him."

He said he was with his dog, Pearl, when the tornado approached. He was running through the hallway and rescued her before things started to tumble.

"I had her in my hand and I was bear-crawling through the hallway that had fallen down on us and it had just A-framed over."

Thomas went to go hide in a closet while the tornado began tearing his home apart. When it was safe to come out, he drove to meet with his brother's friend, Chris Keys, who was nearby.

"I had to drive through the ditch just to get to him because the telephone poles were in the middle of the road," said Keys.

What's left behind of the damage are walls that are completely knocked over. But his home is a total loss.

"Literally, dug myself out of the closet and everything had fallen down on me," he said. "Total, everything's gone."

He said he will be staying at his grandmother's home but will figure out the plan as he moves forward.

"I imagine in a few days we'll see where we're at and know the more about where we're going to go," said Thomas.

Thomas made it out with no injuries and didn't go to the hospital. He said even though his home is a total loss, he's going to try to salvage what he can.

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