Man found dead near train tracks in Midland

Man found dead near train tracks in Midland

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A man is dead today after police were notified of the unconscious body near the train tracks off of Bankhead Highway in Midland. When the Midland County Sheriff's went out to the 3900 block of Bankhead Highway they found a dead man. MCSD said they received a 9-1-1 call reporting a body near the tracks.

"Officers arrived on the scene determined the person was deceased, appeared to be struck by a train or something," said Sheriff Gary Painter. "We don't know exactly yet, we'll have to wait on the results of an autopsy."

The sheriff's office said the man is of possible Hispanic descent. As of Sunday night, he had yet to be identified. More will be known after autopsy results are returned from Tarrant County. Union Pacific said if it is one of their trains that hit the man, it's unlikely anyone would face any consequences.

"Unfortunately, many times when accidents like this happen it's due to the fault of the victims themselves," said Jeff DeGraff of Union Pacific. "Whether they're stepping into a train, which is violating and trespassing, or if they're attempting to jump onto a train."

UP does say it will be checking any train records while it also awaits the official word on the autopsy report. The investigation is ongoing and being led by the Midland County Sheriff Department.

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