Fort Stockton teacher indicted on federal fraud charges

Fort Stockton teacher indicted on federal fraud charges

FORT STOCKTON, TX (KWES) - A Fort Stockton teacher is facing federal fraud charges.

George Kurusu is accused of ripping off his own colleagues who needed help finding work in the United States. The indictment lists one teacher as a current teacher for Fort Stockton Independent School District and the other as a former teacher.

Kurusu is listed on the Fort Stockton High School's website as a math teacher.

In 2009 Kurusu registered the company, Samaritan Educational Services under his name. Documents say Kurusu knew he could not legally work or gain a profit from the company.

Court documents show Kurusu was in contact with at least two teachers overseas since 2012, after they responded to a newspaper ad in India. The ad was listed as looking for teachers in the U.S.

The indictment says Kurusu then enticed both of these teachers to hire his company, in order to help them find teaching jobs in the country. The documents claim Kurusu told the two teachers they would only have to pay for basic documentation and none of the money would go to his company.

Documents show an email Kurusu sent in 2013 addressing concerns about the authenticity of the program from his company.

Part of Kurusu's email read "I understand your anxiety. I was also like you when I came over the USA. You and your family are going to be my good friends for a long time to come.."

After the two teachers were granted their certifications to teach in the U.S. they deposited $5,330 into Kurusu's account. Court documents show an email from Kurusu saying what the money was for fingerprinting, certification and sending correspondence. Documents show $537 were used to pay for expenses, Kurusu is accused of pocketing the rest.

After the two applicants got their visas and arrived in Fort Stockton around October of 2013, court documents say Kurusu had both sign a contract to pay him 15 percent of their paycheck every month. Documents say Kurusu said these fees were to ensure they wouldn't have problems with their visas.

Kurusu collected over $20,000 from both teachers in about a two year period. Documents show there were no services from Kurusu or his company during that time.

When investigation from the Department of Labor and U.S. State Department started in 2015, Kurusu told the teachers to say they were repaying a loan. Documents go on to show Kurusu told the teachers if he was deported they would deport everyone of Indian nationality.

Kurusu was incited on four total charges, wire fraud, fraud in foreign labor contracting, tampering with a witness, victim or an informant, false swearing in immigration matter.

NewsWest 9 reached out to FSISD and Kurusu's attorney, calls have not been returned yet.

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