Caught on Cam: Theft turns robbery at JCPenney

Caught on Cam: Theft turns robbery at JCPenney

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - What would have been a theft at Music City Mall, quickly turned into a robbery when police say a woman assaulted a woman, a JCPenney employee.

Two women tried to make it out of the store with $160 worth of merchandise. The man with asset protection (AP) was able to recover the items, but not without a fight.

It happened on March 3 when two women went to the dressing rooms to try on clothes. Noticing something just wasn't right, asset protection kept an eye on them until their suspicions were confirmed.

"Asset protection watched the dressing room area," said Odessa Crime Stoppers, Susan Rogers. "The women came out with less than they went in with. Asset protection went in right behind them to see if there was anything left in the dressing room and there was nothing there."
That discovery led asset protection to take action. A man approached the women, when one of the suspects starts hitting him.

"One of them starts fighting him," said Rogers. "She's able to pull the purse away and she takes off running out the door."

The women took off in a red Hyundai Accent. One woman is about 5'6" and 300 pounds and the other is about 5'9" weighing about 190 pounds.

"This will actually be a robbery because they assaulted the AP guy," Rogers said.
If you have any information on these women, give Odessa Crime Stoppers a call at (432) 333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and you could land yourself a cash reward.

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