Teen assaulted, robbed at Music City Mall

Teen assaulted, robbed at Music City Mall
Teen assaulted and robbed near mall's perfume store (Source: KWES)
Teen assaulted and robbed near mall's perfume store (Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa teen is in the hospital with several injuries, after he says he was jumped by two men at Music City Mall yesterday.

Police say Rogelio Colomo,19, accused the 18-year old victim of breaking into his home the night before, taking matters into his own hands.

Ector County Sheriff's office says Colomo filed a report after someone broke into his home taking a necklace, ring and watch.

Colomo told OPD officers someone told him Aaron Muro, the victim, was going to pawn them at the mall after they say he broke into Colomo's home.

"He came to the mall and he did search for the victim and he did find him," said Corporal Steve LeSueur. "Surveillance footage which showed Rogelio striking the victim with a closed fist."

Colomo was arrested at the mall, the second man is still on the run. Muro said they ran off with his phone and wallet.

"We have very little information about him, all that was reported to us is that he is a Hispanic male were still in the process of reviewing security footage," said LeSueur.

A medic on scene said Muro's jaw was possibly fractured, he was taken to the hospital. At the moment officers say he's listed in fair condition.

"It also makes it an aggravated robbery because of the type of injuries that were sustained during the incident," said LeSueur.

OPD says Muro is currently not facing any charges.

The sheriff's office says they are still investigating the home burglary Colomo reported.

We reached out to music city mall about the robbery but have not heard back yet.

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