Seminar for gun owners held in Midland

Seminar for gun owners held in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Texas Law Shield held a seminar at the Family Armory and Indoor Range in Midland Tuesday night. During the two hour and thirty minute session, they talked to gun owners from everything about safety to the new laws put in place this year.

David Billings, a representative for the Texas Law Shield said, "We do news letters, seminars, we try to make sure our members understand the laws and know what their rights are."

The Texas Law Shield was started in 2008 not only for educating their members but also providing legal counsel after a case where a man was involved in a self-defense shooting.

"The attorneys that started Texas Law Shield basically saw there was a need for law abiding citizens to have access to defense," said Billings.

Billings added seminars like these are important because there is more to just having a license to carry a gun.

"The bottom line is when the bullet leaves that gun you're responsible for it and it could be either criminally or civilly depending on the situation," said Billings.

Many gun owners listened intently to lawyers and officers, learned more about the open carry laws and even discussed the shooting from Sunday, all with the hopes of learning something they didn't know beforehand.

Kris Crow, a gun owner said, "I think I'm much more informed especially with these changes in legislation. There are a lot of changes that I didn't even realize had occurred that they shared with us tonight so not only do I know that they are out there but I know a little more of the details behind some of those laws that have come down."

"A responsible gun owner is an informed gun owner," said Billings.

Seminars are run at the Family Armory & Indoor Range in Midland once a month. Billings said they'll do whatever they can to continue to provide  education to gun owners.

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