The final two face off for election of precinct one Ector County Commissioner

The final two face off for election of precinct one Ector County Commissioner

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Four candidates began now two are left standing to become County Commissioner for precinct one in Ector County.

For the first time, voters have a chance to decide who they want in that seat. The last men standing are both eager to make some changes for the better to precinct one.

Businessman, Eddy Shelton is fighting to stay in the commissioner's seat for precinct one after being appointed in 2014.

Meanwhile, former teacher and coach Milton Thompson wants to give even more back to the community he loves.

Water, roads and illegal dumping is what both men said are priorities for them if elected as Ector County Commissioner for precinct  one. 
This precinct covers north and west Odessa, the two fastest growing parts in Ector County.

Incumbent Eddy Shelton said the position has nearly a $60 million budget and manages about 600 employees.

"This is a big business. It needs someone with a business background, a business sense. Especially in the economy we're in today," said Shelton.
Shelton has that background, as business owner he manages his own employees.

Opponent Milton "coach" Thompson said he doesn't own a business, but has served as a leader for nearly 40 years.

"I had almost 10 thousand kids for 38 years, teaching and coaching. That's quite a business. Maybe not monetary because I certainly didn't make any money teaching and coaching but I loved it, I enjoyed it," said Thompson.

Shelton was appointed by the request of Freddie Gardner, who passed away while in office. Shelton said he's taken lots of Gardner's original ideas and ran with them, he wants a chance to complete the projects.

"I don't want to leave it to someone else. Freddie Gardner had implemented things like the environmental enforcement and I've kind of taken it and moved it to another level. I want to continue that, I want to continue the vision Freddie started for the county," said Shelton.

Thompson is retired and all of his time would be dedicated to being Ector County's Co missioner for precinct one.

"I need to get out and do things. If people call me, I'm going to be gone real quick. That gives me the opportunity to help the precinct I live in and help the people in the precinct and work to better the whole precinct," said Thompson.

Early voting started Monday, May 16 and will run through Friday, May 20. Election day is Tuesday, May 24.

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