Severe thunderstorm causes damage in Big Spring

Severe thunderstorm causes damage in Big Spring
Hail in Big Spring Friday night. (Source: Melinda Moncada)
Hail in Big Spring Friday night. (Source: Melinda Moncada)

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Thunderstorms hit Big Spring Friday night and early Saturday morning.

There were reports of flash flooding, quarter-sized hail, and winds up to 60 mph.

Residents said gas pumps were knocked over, fences were torn down, and roofs flew off buildings.

Oncor crews helped thousands of residents with power outages.

Howard County Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tommy Sullivan said his department responded to two tank batter fires due to lightning strikes on Highway 176 and on S Moss Lake Road.

Comanche Trail Park was flooded throughout the park due to the heavy rain.

"It sounded like a tornado," said Big Spring resident Michele Cervantez. She said last night's thunderstorm had heavier flooding and stronger winds compared to Big Spring's last storm. She said the winds were so strong, it tore down her fence and cement wall. "It just fell over all at once. We looked out and it was just down."

She said her son was supposed to be home from a school choir trip at midnight but didn't make it back until 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

"They went as slow as they could to make sure the kids were safe. They did have to make a few stops cause some of the kids got really upset and really scared. They made sure to calm everybody down."

Dale Coates is the owner of Bulldog Laundry off the i20 Frontage Road in Big Spring. He said the storm was one of the worst he has seen.

"We were driving over here, it was raining pretty good, hailing and wind howling," said Coates. "It caught us off-guard."

The fence behind the laundromat tore down completely and electricity was shut off. Coates said the business will be back up and running Sunday.

There were no reports of weather-related injuries.

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