Local school districts react to school finance ruling

Local school districts react to school finance ruling

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - The Texas Supreme Court declared the state's school finance system constitutional. This was a surprise for more than 600 school districts that sued.

For West Texas, this means the rich school districts will continue to ship money back to the state.

Ector County ISD is one of the schools on the list, Public Information Officer, Mike Adkins said this decision is not what they were expecting.

"We do hope that the legislature will work with us and other school districts. We hope they can take some input and really get to the essence of finding an equitable way to finance all school districts," said Adkins.

Midland ISD said for them this means sending back up to $48 million for the 2015-2016 school year alone. In a statement about the ruling MISD said, "We are disappointed in the ruling but we will continue to make budgetary decisions to ensure we use the resources we have to educate our students. We also hope that lawmakers will take heed of the charge from the Supreme Court to revamp our current finance system into a system that more fully supports all students in this great state."

Kermit ISD is also on the list of schools asking for change, Superintendent Dr. Denise Shetter said economy in the Permian Basin fluctuates and this decision will continue to hurt them.

"I've got to send money back to the state because of two years ago tax base when I'm not generating enough to cover my own money because oil prices are down now," said Shetter.

ECISD said although the decision is disappointing, day to day change won't be seen.

"The system is in place, it's what we've been living under even when the lawsuit was in place. it's what goes forward, it's what we're used to, it doesn't effect day to day operations right now," said Adkins.

While making the decision the Texas Supreme Court acknowledges school funding has problems.

All school districts we were able to reach said they will wait to make a decision on joining any future lawsuits until a new plan is in place.

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