Odessa Police Department shows recruits the ropes with CSI training

Odessa Police Department shows recruits the ropes with CSI training

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Friday, the Odessa Police Department turned the station's old fire house into a crime scene. Recruits learned the proper way to analyze the scene because as first responders this is the type of situation they will see themselves in.

Albert Dean, a recruit with the Odessa Police Department said, "It allowed me to see what exactly what I was looking at . It also gave my instructors a chance to show me what to an not to do."

The recruits also learned how to perform a point-to-point search.

Michael Baer, another recruit with the Odessa Police Department said,  "Basically it's looking at what sort of evidence you have and has a crime been committed."

Pat Harris the instructor for the training and a Crime Scene Technician for the Odessa Police Department talked the recruits about being careful at a scene because one wrong move could hurt an investigation.

"A scene like we are here with a lot of blood you can walk through, you can leave your shoe impressions, you can knock something out of the way. With DNA evidence you can put your DNA on something which also can contaminate your scene so it's going to make it a little more difficult to solve," said Harris.

After the session, the recruits believed they gain valuable information that they will need when it's their turn to do it for real while on the job.

"It was great. A great day, good things to learn," said Dean.

"We have to know what we are doing otherwise we're going to be sitting there saying what do I do. This is great training for us," said Baer.

This was one block of the recruits Criminal Investigation class with OPD and with the completion of this training they are one step closer to graduating the academy.