Man falls asleep at the wheel, drives into family's home

Man falls asleep at the wheel, drives into family's home
Car into home (Source: Cyn Mancha)
Car into home (Source: Cyn Mancha)

A close call for a family in Odessa. A driver hit their home this morning after he fell asleep at the wheel. The family says they are a little shaken up after the ordeal.

"It just shook the whole house and my grand kids started crying. It's just unbelievable. It's just scary," said Gloria Mancha, the homeowner.

Mancha was in the bathroom of her home when the car crashed into it. Her family says it felt like an earthquake.

The driver, Patrick McGinnis, 19, fell asleep at the wheel while driving southbound on Loop 338.

"He was just coming. You could hear the roar of the engine of the car," said Harry Bryant.

McGinnis crashed into a light pole, hit a chain link fence, a brick pillar, then hit the house. Even after the crash, he was still passed out with his foot on the gas.

"He was laid back in the seat and it was like he was dead," said Bryant.

"When he woke up what did he say?" asked reporter Chelsey Trahan.

"He asked, 'what happened? Whats going on?' I went to tell him what happened. He looked back and he didn't remember nothing. He just asked me, 'did I kill somebody? Did I hurt somebody?'" said Bryant.

The only thing that kept the car from entering the home was the 13-inch concrete reinforced wall. Miraculously, The driver suffered non-life threatening injuries and those who witnessed the crash said it could have been a lot worse.

"If he passed out, he could have easily killed a lot of people," said Bryant.

"His life is okay and we are okay. That can be replaced, life can't," said Mancha.

Odessa police say the driver of the vehicle will not be facing any criminal charges. Corporal Steve LeSueur, Odessa Police Department Public Information Officer, said approximately $20,000 worth of damage was done.

The family says insurance should pay for the damages to their home.

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