The heat returns for Wednesday

The heat returns for Wednesday

It is a warm and muggy start to Wednesday! The heat returns this afternoon with highs in the nineties. There is a very slight chance that a few thunderstorms will spark in the eastern counties this afternoon along a dryline, but most activity will stay east and out of our area. A cold front tonight will bring in cooler weather and our next chance of rain. The eastern counties have the best chance of rain with no major accumulations expected. Highs will only be in the upper seventies for Thursday!

Science part:

The muggy feeling is from a high moisture content in the air. Dew points have been as high as the mid-sixties (in the Basin) and as low as the teens (in the western counties) this morning. The sharp line that separates the high moisture content from the low is, appropriately, called a dryline. A dryline acts as a surface boundary that aids thunderstorm production by forcing air up or forcing air to convect. Normally, these storms are on the west side of the line. This afternoon, this line will line up along the eastern edge of our viewing area. This is why we have a slight chance of thunderstorm development this afternoon.

An overnight cold front will swing through and aid in rain chances for early Thursday morning.

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