Fight over scooter ends with woman behind bars

Fight over scooter ends with woman behind bars
Sherry Riggins (Source: Midland County Jail)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A woman was ready to shop but took the wrong scooter.

Police said Sherry Riggins went up to a woman, unloading her groceries from a motorized scooter.

Riggins sat on the seat of the scooter and took off before the woman was finished unloading her bags.

The woman told Riggins she couldn't take it as it was already promised to an elderly woman on oxygen.

Police said Riggins screamed that she was taking the scooter and drove off again.

The woman threw pixie sticks to get Riggins attention, police said.

That's when Riggins hit the woman with her purse, causing her to fall and possibly breaking her wrist.

When officers tried to arrest Riggins, she also resisted arrest.

She was eventually handcuffed and charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

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