Midland man says late mom saved him from apartment fire on Mother's Day

Midland man says late mom saved him from apartment fire on Mother's Day

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "Mama's still looking out for me on Mother's Day," said Cory Yon.

He was asleep in his bed last night when he felt something tell him to wake him up. Yon has been living at the Bradford Apartments for almost eight months.

"Something. Something woke me up."

A fire from his neighbor who wasn't home scorched his apartment from a barbecue grill that was still burning.

"We think it was just coals going and you know we had those high winds last night and that probably stoked it enough to ignite the fence with radiated heat," said Battalion Chief Ken Whiting of the Midland Fire Department.

Yon shot video of the fire shortly after dialing 911.

"I got downstairs. I could see the glow of the fire out here, immediately grabbed my phone, called 911."

One of his neighbors tried helping him put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but it wasn't enough until seven units from the Midland Fire Department arrived.

"I was amazed at how quickly they got here. It seemed like I had called them and picked up my cell phone to record and I could hear the sirens."

With water and smoke damage, Yon said he didn't lose anything but gained a feeling he said he cannot describe from his family and friends.

"A couch and some appliances and a TV, I don't consider I lost anything. I gained faith in some people that I didn't know had that feeling in it for me," said Yon.

He said if it wasn't for his mother, he wouldn't know what would've happened after the fire.

"I feel like my mom was looking out for me last night saying, 'Get up, son! Get up!' That made me feel good about today. When I went to bed last night. Not looking forward to waking up to Mother's Day without my mother."

Yon said even though his mother has passed, he says she is still there.

"The last time I saw her was on Mother's Day last year. She battled cancer and passed away after ten months. I'm going to live everyday to make her proud. and I think I did a good job last night."

Yon is currently living in a different building but in the apartment complex in the meantime. Friends are helping him move items that were not damaged from the fire.

No injuries were reported early Sunday morning. Residents were evacuated. The Midland Fire Marshall is still involved with the investigation.

Chief Whiting said if you do plan to barbecue, make sure your barbecue grill is completely put out before you put it near a building.

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