New high quality drugs found in Hobbs

New high quality drugs found in Hobbs

HOBBS, NM (KWES) - High quality drugs called "moon rocks" were found in Hobbs, New Mexico. Drug agents said they're becoming more popular and they blame Colorado.

"Ever since the legalization of marijuana in some of the states bordering [New Mexico] like Colorado  we've seen an influx of marijuana coming in since then," said Commander of The Lea County Drug Task Force, Byron Wester.

Not only is marijuana coming in but more modern drugs as well. Those were the type of drugs found inside of the home of Andrew Trujillo, 19.

The drugs are valued at nearly $3,000 because they're highly potent.

"There's marijuana wax, the edibles, suckers, foods [those are things] that our youth typically likes. We're also seeing an influx in moon rocks, different products that are coming in," said Wester.

The marijuana buds pictures are higher quality than the "bricks" Lea County officials would typically see come in from Mexico.

"Moon rocks" are marijuana dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with kief and sometimes other drugs, usually ecstasy.

Wax weed is the most potent of all. All it is is extracted THC with potency levels up to 98%.

Wester said it is unknown to him if these drugs can cause health risks.

"I can tell you if it's just the marijuana products themselves, that's a little bit different.  if they start sprinkling MDMA and ecstasy, then you're going to have chemicals involved. They're probably not going to settle well with your body," said Wester.

According to Lea County Drug Task Force these new drugs are most popular with the younger generations.

Wester said when it comes to other drugs such as meth and heroin they have seen a consistent amount without increases.

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