Parents angry with school, say they were not notified of fight

Parents angry with school, say they were not notified of fight

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Two parents of students at Lee Freshman High School are angry with the the school administrators because they say their daughters were attacked in the bathroom and were not notified by the school.

"Are they protected to go to school? Are they safe?" said Tamara McKie, a concerned parent.

Tamara McKie said her daughter and her daughter's best friend were attacked in the bathroom of Lee Freshman High School. She said she was not notified of what happened until another parent called her.

"They didn't care about us. They just left us there like nothing happened," said Makynzee Mckie, a student involved in the fight.

"I called my mom on of her cell phone and I said, 'This is happening. Have they called you?' and she said, 'no, they haven't called me,'" said Savannah Garcia, another student.
After the fight, the girls were checked out by the school nurse. One of the girls said she was choked. The other girl is losing hair and has a lump on her head.

"Her head started hurting worse. So, I was instructed by vital care to come over to the ER for a possible concussion," said Tamara McKie.

Now, the parents say they don't even feel comfortable with their kids at the school because they said what if something like this happens again.

"These fights and this bullying has got to stop. I don't know where to go from here," said Tamara McKie.

Midland ISD said often times kids notify their parents before administrators are able to because most have cell phones. But the district said the parents were notified later on. If any parents have any issues with how things are handled, they say it is important to voice it with administrators.

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