Odessa couple recovers stolen purses

Odessa couple recovers stolen purses

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Stolen purses were recovered after an Odessa couple found them inside a dumpster. The couple who found them said they don't think the thieves were searching for money.

Odessa police said vehicle burglaries continue to rise.

Dawn Dowlen, the woman who found the purses, said hearing that doesn't surprise her. Dowlen's neighborhood has experienced several break ins but the purses she and her boyfriend discovered Thursday morning while taking out the trash was puzzling.

"He saw some purses in the trash, so i told him to get them out so I can look for identification to see if it was anyone who lives in our apartment complex," said Dowlen.

The purses were inside a duffel bag, Dowlen said there were about eight of them. The addresses on the identifications show the victims live on a completely different side of town.

Dowlen said inside the purses were multiple money orders, they were worth hundreds of dollars only one check was made out to a business. The others, were blank.

"Obviously, they weren't looking for money," said Dowlen.

NewsWest 9 was able to get in contact with one of victims. She said her vehicle was burglarized Tuesday night, it happened just about five minutes away from the 2000 block of Pleasant Ave.

That's where the purses were recovered.

"It was just the right thing to do. I would want someone to turn in my stuff if it was mine," said Dowlen.

Odessa police said often stolen property is recovered but not retrieved by the owner. Checking in with the police department is recommended after a theft.

Police suggest taking pictures of valued property, if it's ever stolen these pictures will help identify and retrieve it.

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