Crane police speak out after teenagers arrested, suspected of arson

Crane police speak out after teenagers arrested, suspected of arson

CRANE, TX (KWES) - Crane Police Department said the three teenagers were burning things inside of the theater.

According to police, even if the suspects didn't intend to burn the theater, it was reckless and the minors are facing arson charges.

Two to twenty years is how long an adult can spend in jail if convicted of arson, these teenagers will be charged as juveniles.

Crane police said investigation and tips from neighbors led to the arrest. After the teenagers were sent to the Juvenile Detention Center in Post, Texas they took to social media to update their location.

"There was about a ten second video of the boys smiling, joking and laughing. Showing their shackles and things of that nature, posted on Snapchat," said Lieutenant Jason Little with Crane Police Department.

Police said the video was not incriminating and will not result in any additional charges but it was surprising to see.

"I don't think that's a smart thing to do. There's nothing funny about a building burning and people putting their lives at risk trying to put it out," said Little.

Family of one of the teenagers reached out to NewsWest 9 expressing her discomfort when it came to the arrest of the minors.

According to police, by law they only have to notify parents after the arrest of a minor is made. The only difference from a juvenile and adult arrest is Miranda Rights are read by a judge in order not intimidate the child.

"Because your child is a juvenile if they commit a crime, especially a felony crime they can be handcuffed and arrested just like an adult, it isn't any different," said Little. "A lot of parents have that misconception, 'You can't touch my child, he's a kid.' It's no different than an adult."

Crane police said the detention center will have a hearing soon. At that time, the judge will decide if the teenagers need to be in custody or if they will be released to parents.

No word yet on when the hearing will be.

Crews have already set up, demolition of the Crane theater will start immediately.

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