TXU Energy helps area residents with utility bills

TXU Energy helps area residents with utility bills

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We've seen some high temperatures in the Permian Basin already this year.  But with the downturn in oil, many residents can't afford to pay the electric bill for all that air conditioning use.

West Texas Opportunities is helping out those in need.

According to 211 Texas, the second most common bill residents in 17 West Texas counties need help in paying, is the electricity bill.

TXU Energy Customers received $6.3 million in bill payment assistance through this program.

Other contributions come from TXU Energy employees, customers, as well as private donors.

This program is not only for TXU Energy customers as it also helps other residents in the county with funding.

Jenny Gibson, Executive Director of West Texas Opportunities said, that they have programs that helps residents with their utility bills and other needs.

If someone's trying to transition out of poverty, they help them out of poverty with funds that can help them with education.

If you need assistance in paying for your electricity or just would like more information about West Texas Opportunities, contact Jenny Gibson at (806) 872-8354.

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