May climatology report

May climatology report

We saw a relatively cooler start to the month of May this weekend with afternoon highs in the low 60's.

We will see weather patterns stabilize this week as afternoon highs rebound into the 80's, closer to the averages for this time of year.

The days are slowly getting longer while the temperatures are quickly getting warmer.

By the end of May we will see 39 more minutes of sunshine as sunset slowly inches towards 9 pm.

Afternoon highs will increase seven degrees to the low 90's by the end of the month.

The record high temperature for the month of May is 108° set May 24, 2000.

Overnight lows will also increase by nine degrees this month.

The record low temperature set in May was 34° on May 1, 1970, which means unless we see a record-setting cold front, we will not see below-freezing temperatures until Fall.

We are set up for an above-average month for precipitation. The average rainfall for the month of May is 1.75".

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