Mother Nature's safe side

Mother Nature's safe side

Weather can change in a blink of an eye and is something that impacts all of us here in West Texas. Having a plan for you and your family can be the difference between life and death.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark Strobin, explains the difference between a watch, "Just make sure you're updated," and a warning, "It's either happening or it is imminent." Strobin says, "when there's a tornado warning, that's when it's time to take cover."

If you find yourself outside and you see a bad storm and can't seem to get indoors, look around and try to find a low depression or something like a ditch  and cover your head with your hands, because flying debris is the number one cause of injuries and deaths in a tornado.

Severe weather can strike any time, anywhere.

What if you're in your car?

"Get out of your car and get in a ditch, that's really the safest place."

If there is no ditch, experts recommend staying in your car and strapping yourself in.

"Wear your seat belt."

If you're lucky enough to be home, sometimes hiding in the most unlikely places can be the ideal solution.

"Go in a closet and put a lot of clothes on top of you, which will protect you from all the flying debris."

Most importantly, Strobin says, make sure you stay away from windows.

"Looking at a tornado is not the safest thing to do. " Even if you're an experienced storm chaser.

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