Walmart shoppers react to accused man of filming child's private area

Walmart shoppers react to accused man of filming child's private area
Walmart shoppers react to the incident. (Source: KWES)
Walmart shoppers react to the incident. (Source: KWES)

Samuel Nabarrete, 24, was arrested Wednesday but was released on bond after a mother reported to police that he was taking pictures of her daughter's private area on her cell phone.

Odessa Police said Nabarrete was arrested for one count of Invasive Visual Recording. He is accused of recording children's private areas on his cell phone while he was an employee at Walmart in January. Now, he has 19 warrants for invasive visual recording.

Police said Nabarrete could face up to two years for each count.

The affidavit said Nabarrete was working at Walmart on January 31. A mother reported to police that Nabarrete used his cell phone to take pictures of her daughter's private areas. Police later found photos of a child's private area on the cell phone.

"So based on that investigation, we obtained a warrant for one count for Nabarrete," said Corporal Steve LeSueur. "We arrested him and then we obtained his cell phone. You have to keep in mind we have to obtain a search warrant for a cell phone and that takes a while. Unfortunately, by the time we obtained all the photographs from out of his cell phone, he already bonded out of jail."

Odessa police said he may face up to two years for each count. We spoke with Walmart shoppers about the videotaping. Some of the shoppers were parents. They said it's important for parents to always keep an eye on their children.

"I'd always try to advise parents to try to monitor their kids and hold their hands if possible," said Abdul Felata.

"Keep them close to you for two reasons," said Lori Moon. "One, it teaches them to respect where they're at. Two, you know nothing's going to happen to them if you're right there with them."

"It's already hard to raise children in this day and age anyway and now we have to worry about somebody walking by with their phone," said Danielle Sanchez.

"You need to be very vigilant when you have children," said Michelle Rainwater. "It's not just Walmart. It's any place you have children."

We received a statement from Walmart. They said,"We don't comment on human resource matters but I can confirm this individual is no longer a Walmart associate. The safety and security of our customers is paramount. Most especially the safety of children. Under no circumstances do we tolerate this behavior. We continue to look into this situation."

Nabarrete had 19 warrants obtained for invasive visual recording Thursday. He turned himself into Odessa police around 10:30 Friday morning.

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