Traffic stop leads to drug bust in Odessa

Traffic stop leads to drug bust in Odessa

Odessa police performed two traffic stops Thursday near 17th Street and Crescent Drive and made three arrests after finding drugs and guns inside of the vehicles and house of the suspects.

"Two and a half ounces of meth was seized, two handguns, one of them was reported stolen, prescription drugs and marijuana," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department.

It all started with a traffic stop on Eryn Obgartel, 27. The officer performing the stop said her hands were shaking when trying to find her license. A K-9 unit was sent out and the dog indicated there were drugs in the vehicle. Police found methamphetamine packaged for distribution, different types of pills and marijuana.

Police were in the process of obtaining a narcotics search warrant when two people sped off from Obgartel's home.

"All three individuals were traced back to the exact same residence," said LeSueur.

Randall Barrett and Leslie Michelle Blyer, both 37, were pulled over by police going well over the residential speed limit. Both occupants of the vehicle were detained after continuing to drive when police turned on emergency lights. Police say they found packages of methamphetamine that matched the previous traffic stop. Marijuana was also found and they denied ownership of the drugs.

Inside their home on Crescent Drive, police found more drugs and guns.

"It turned out to be a pretty big narcotics investigation. It seems like we have been making more methamphetamine arrests on a daily basis. We have been very proactive and a lot of the arrest have come from traffic stops," said LeSueur

Police say federal charges are pending.

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