Pecos resident speaks on trash build-up behind home

Pecos resident speaks on trash build-up behind home

PECOS COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Residents in Pecos are upset over the trash buildup in their neighborhood.

"I'm frustrated. I am totally frustrated. I'm disgusted," said Jerri Ornales.

Ornales is a resident in the neighborhood. She said its been two a half months since the dumpster behind her home was removed by the city. She has to rely on using dumpsters that have already been filled up.

"So you're talking about 12 houses having to share three garbage cans," said Ornales. "This house right here has seven kids. One disabled, one in a wheelchair, keep in mind, got to change diapers and she has a feeding tube that has to be cleaned out."

She said the garbage has been so bad, she started to see flies and gnats around her home.

"We're all blaming it on the dogs. It's not even the dogs. It's all the garbage. It's all the garbage that gets picked up once a week and all we get is three garbage cans."

Gary Rumbaugh is the Public Works Director in Pecos. He said due to broken garbage trucks, they had to supply extra dumpsters around the city temporarily.

"But now we've got three new trash trucks so all the trash trucks are running so we're picking up all the extra dumpsters now. But in that alley, there's three dumpsters, there's ten homes, so there's plenty of dumpsters there."

Rumbaugh said not all trash can be disposed. There are different types of trash that must be taken to the Pecos City Landfill.

"The dumpsters are only supposed to be made for type one, which is household trash. Tree limbs and all that stuff, that is type four. They're supposed to take that to the dump themselves," said Rumbaugh.

The city allows one dumpster for every 3.3 homes. With the trash pick-up, the trucks come by every Tuesday, once a week.

"Really, we're supposed to be picking up the trash once every two weeks but the city went ahead and OK'd picking it up once a week." said Rumbaugh.

However, he wants residents to bear with the city's changes.

"We're making a lot of progress. Things are better than they were before."

The progress in Pecos also involves replacing the water and sewer lines.

"We're putting in water lines, we're having to shut the water off, for making their connections, these lines have been there since the 1950's. We're also replacing sewer lines. It's just progress."

Rumbaugh said if neighbors begin to get an excessive amount of trash buildup, they can call the city at (432) 445-2421 and their trash will be picked up to prevent overflowing.

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