City Council approves multi-million dollar deal for new fire trucks

City Council approves multi-million dollar deal for new fire trucks

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - At Tuesday's Odessa City Council meeting, members of the council approved a new fleet of fire trucks for the Odessa Fire and Rescue department, after a decade with the old ones the Chief Roger Boyd felt like it was time to get new ones.

Chief Roger Boyd of Odessa Fire & Rescue said, "Everyone of our trucks are getting pretty close to 100,000 miles, a couple's got 100,000 already. Certainly the reliability and dependability is always in question for us."

The cost to maintain the current fleet of trucks was getting too expensive with the new set of trucks it will actually save the taxpayers $1 million dollars.

Mayor David Turner said, "The way we're able to do that is we allocate in the budget what they have to pay in the equipment fund every year and that's part of their budget and they've paid in and we'll be able to pay cash for them."

Boyd said the department runs both Fire and EMS services and with the new equipment on the way it will only help serve the city better.

"The approval of purchasing these ten trucks is really a good benefit for the city, for our firefighters, and certainly the new equipment that will be coming along as well is really going to be an improved service," said Boyd.

The new fire trucks will be warrantied for eight years, both the city and department expect to get the new trucks in about a year from now.

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