Arrest warrant issued for man in connection with Midland Park viral video

Arrest warrant issued for man in connection with Midland Park viral video
Still image from viral video (Source: Facebook)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Video of a fight at Washington Park in Midland over the weekend went viral.

Police say a man in it, pulled out a gun. Bystanders said he did it in front of small children.

Midland police said they found out about the fight through social media, it was never reported to them. A warrant has been issued for the man believed to have pulled out a gun, he's facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

"People think to post it to social media but they don't always think to call the police when it's happening," said Public Information Officer, Sara Bustilloz.

Viewers first reached out about this video concerned about the children who were present during the time. The video shows two men fighting with lots of witnesses. Halfway through the video bystanders start shouting, "He's pulling out guns." "He has a gun!" and "Don't be holding him, he has a gun."

"It's very disturbing to see the amount of people that are in the video and to see all of the little children that are there. Unfortunately there is no specific charge for that.  What the charge is, is when you actually take out a gun and display it at a person. Obviously that is suspicious activity, even when a fight is occurring you never know what it can escalate to," said Bustilloz.

Investigation leads Midland police to believe this fight happened Sunday, they said the entire situation could have been diffused a lot sooner if they were called then.

"In this situation the first thing we would say is that we should have been called before it got to the point where someone was displaying a gun and anytime someone sees something, we would hope that they feel comfortable enough to report it to us," said Bustilloz.

Midland Police said they don't expect additional charges to be pressed relating to this fight. The suspect's intention when taking out the gun is unclear, his name has not been released.

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