Odessa fugitive of the week arrested, accused of recording child's private area

Odessa fugitive of the week arrested, accused of recording child's private area

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa's fugitive of the week is behind bars after police say he video recorded a child's private area while she was shopping with her family.

On January 31, police were sent out to the East Odessa Walmart after a mother complained about one of their employees.

"We received a report of a citizen that an employee of that business was video taping her child," said Sgt. John Sikes of the Odessa Police Department's Persons Unit.

The mother said she and her family were shopping at the store when Samuel Nabarrete, 24, approached her child.

Police say while the family was in the aquarium aisle, Nabarrete knelt down next to the eight-year-old girl and positioned his phone in a way that appeared he was video taping her private area. The mother confronted Nabarrete and also told the manager and police.

"Anybody that records the intimate regions of another person without their consent or authorization has committed that crime," said Sikes.

When police got to the scene, they confiscated Nabarrete's phone and found pictures of what appeared to be a eight to ten year old child. It was determined later, it was not the child in question.

"We received the report up here and our investigation found probable cause for the crime," said Sikes.

Nabarrete later provided a statement and admitted he did take video of two different children. Odessa police listed Nabarrete as the fugitive of the week and he was caught within a day in the 3500 block of North Washington at 1:35 p.m.

He was charged with invasive visual recording and will be booked in the Ector County Jail.

The East Odessa Walmart would not give any information on the incident but say Nabarrete is no longer an employee there.

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