Resident speaks out after Odessa vehicle burglaries

Resident speaks out after Odessa vehicle burglaries

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Car burglaries in the Permian Basin continue to pop up, one Odessan is fed up after he caught some thieves on camera.

Homeowner Johnny Munoz woke up Friday morning to find over $2,000 worth of his belongings inside of his truck had been stolen.

"You work hard for everything that you and then somebody just comes and takes it like that. I mean, seriously? This is your house you should feel safe and secure in your own house," said Munoz.

The truck was locked at the time of the break in. Security footage showed the thieves using what appeared to be a device to unlock it.  Munoz said neighbors lost up to $6,000 worth of their belongings too.

The next night, more vehicles got broken into. This time these criminals were caught trying to avoid leaving fingerprints by opening doors with their t-shirts, security footage then shows them touching the doors with their bare hands.

Munoz said, "Bunch of dumb kids, I mean, they go out of their way to not leave fingerprints then do it anyway. Come on, seriously? Kids looking to get a quick... something."

Family and neighbors came together, watched the footage and told police they believe they identified the suspects.

"We know who you are, my  whole neighborhood knows who you are, in fact the whole town knows who you are. So, if the police don't catch you, somebody will," said Munoz.

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