Dash cam video released after suspect getting hit in the face goes viral

Dash cam video released after suspect getting hit in the face goes viral
Caige Wall (Source: City of Midland)
Caige Wall (Source: City of Midland)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In a widely seen video on social media, a man is seen getting what looks like a thigh to the face by a Midland officer trying to make an arrest.

Dash cam video shows the minutes before the Midland officer accidentally hit the suspect in the face. Citizens stand around as Caige Wall sits unconscious in his vehicle on Crump and Rankin Highway. Many tried to wake him without success.

"He was obviously under the influence of something. He was unresponsive. When officers got there they found him unresponsive, kinda semi incoherent," said Police Chief Robinson.

Dash cam videos shows officers attempting to make contact and get Wall to exit the vehicle. When he doesn't exit, they physically remove him and he begins to resist. After several attempts to get the suspect to cooperate, one officer tries to knee Wall in the abdomen.

"He attempted to strike him in the abdomen with his knee and was off just a little bit and the upper part of his thigh made contact with the subjects face," said Allen Payne, Midland police training coordinator.

Midland police say it is important to diffuse a suspect quickly, especially in this case because the officers were in the middle of the street.

"Vehicles can come by and hit themselves, the suspect, the witness that are trying to help out. It is our job to take people into custody the fastest and safest way possible," said Payne.

Police say they found an empty flask and pills in Wall's truck, as well as LSD tablets in his wallet.

He was charged with public intoxication, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of a controlled substance, and prohibited substance in a correctional facility.

There are no plans for punishment for the officers involved. The training coordinator looked at the original video as well as dash cam video and he says the officers actions were necessary in detaining the suspect.

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