NewsWest 9 Exclusive: Narcotics and firearms seized in Martin County

NewsWest 9 Exclusive: Narcotics and firearms seized in Martin County

MARTIN COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Illegal and stolen guns, along with drugs were seized at a Stanton man's home in Martin County this morning.
Martin County Sheriff Brad Ingram said a seize like this is not common at all in Martin County.

Anthony Hoss was arrested Wednesday on four charges stemming from a domestic violence investigation.
Sheriff Ingram said Hoss was in possession of marijuana, cocaine and pills at the time of his arrest.

While Hoss was in custody a search warrant for his home was obtained.

Ingram said, "This subject made a lot of phone calls and we listened to the recordings. We could tell by what was being said that  there were other things in his RV."

Those things included four firearms, one was stolen, another is illegal for the length of the barrel, pills, 20 pounds of marijuana and lots of ammunition. Some of the ammunition is labeled for "law enforcement only."

Ingram said, "It's something that we don't see very often like that. The amount of ammunition and the clips that were present here with the weapons are kind of brow raising, I think."

Ingram said Hoss has out of state convictions that restrict him from possessing firearms. Hoss can now face up to five additional charges, including drug possession with the intent of distributing.

"I'm glad that we got him, no one was injured and that all that matter to me, that it ended safely," said Ingram.

Midland County K-9 division helped with the investigation. 
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