Stanton couple to be sentenced for misappropriated money, residents speak out

Stanton couple to be sentenced for misappropriated money, residents speak out

STANTON, TX (KWES) - Thursday morning Monica and Romero Maldonado will learn their fate when they're sentenced for embezzling money from the Stanton Housing Authority.

"I was furious," said resident Charlotte Long.

Monica Maldonado served as Executive Director of the Stanton Housing Authority in 2011 through August 2014. Her husband, Romero Maldonado worked part-time with the maintenance department.

Court documents accuse both of using business credit cards for personal use. The Stanton Housing Authority estimates about $360,000 in federal funds were misappropriated.

"We could have replaced doors, we could have put screens on our windows, we could have put new fencing. I mean there's so many upgrades we could have done," said current Executive Director, Robert Bennett.

"It shouldn't have been a surprise, there should have been red flags," said resident Kimberly Anderson.
"I had to go and get help from places to pay back the money that I had already paid to stay here, again," said Long.

Residents tell NewsWest 9 when the new management came in, they got eviction notices even though they had already paid rent.

"There's people that were put on the streets and did pay but it's not showing that they paid because of her," said Long. 
"They brought in receipts showing that they paid their rent, it was in a form of cash money. the money was just not applied to their accounts and it wasn't taken to the bank, it was pocketed," said Bennett.

Residents said they want justice for those who were directly affected by the Maldonados.

Romero Maldonado's sentencing is scheduled for Thursday at 9:15 a.m. and Monica Maldonado's is at 9:45 a.m. both in Midland.