Local Red Cross on standby to assist with Houston flooding

Local Red Cross on standby to assist with Houston flooding

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Thousands of people in Houston were affected by record flash flooding. Nine counties were affected in total. Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency and the Red Cross called it a national disaster.

The American Red Cross of the Permian Basin may be deploying their disaster response vehicle and sending volunteers to help with disaster relief.

"A lot of the areas are still underwater and so we can't get into all of the affected areas," said Stephanie Murphree, Executive Director of the Permian Basin Red Cross chapter.

The Red Cross called in help from various chapters across Texas, including the Permian Basin, who is currently on standby to help out. The Permian Basin chapter has reached out to their volunteers to see who is available and prepared to deploy to Houston, if needed.

"It's usually two folks who can drive it to the area and participate in mobile feeding, bulk distribution, which is delivering water or clean up supplies in the affected areas," said Murphree.

The Red Cross is currently taking donations for disaster response that will go directly to those affected by the flooding. They estimate the response will cost the organization a few million dollars.

"We are always looking for assistance financially and volunteers to help during times of recovery. I think it is important for West Texans to remember that, while we are not always disaster prone, it's good to help our neighbors because we will be in need at some point in the future, they will be willing to come and help us," said Murphree.

The American Red Cross of the Permian Basin said they will know in a few days if they are needed in Houston after some of the flooding subsides.

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