Odessa woman accused of endangering, exposing herself to minors

Odessa woman accused of endangering, exposing herself to minors

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa woman is accused of drinking and driving with three young family members in the car, but she's also accused of exposing herself to them.

The three girls are only 9, 11 and 12 years old. The arrest affidavit accuses Kimberly Thompson of having the kids take turns steering for her while she kept drinking.

"The fact that it involved three little girls definitely was disturbing," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur with Odessa Police Department. "It was determined that Kimberly Jo Thompson had exposed herself to the three victims and they were also forensically interviewed at Harmony Home."

The report stated during the investigation, the three girls said they came in close contact to Thompson's genitalia after Thompson exposed herself.

The report adds two of the girls witnessed Thompson watching  videos of sexual nature. One child said she heard Thompson breathing heavily and felt Thompson grab her [the child's] thigh and breast, the other minor said Thompson forced her to touch  her [Thompson's] breast over her clothes.

"Further investigation revealed that during one time Kimberly Thompson made the three victims ride on her lap without wearing their seat belts. Basically what she did while she was intoxicated was drive fast, she would make them [the three girls] sit on her lap and steer the vehicle while she was driving," said LeSueur.

In addition, the report said the girls took turns steering while Thompson drank alcoholic beverages in the car. All three girls said Thompson hit a stop sign, causing damage to the car but continued to drive and asked them not to say anything about the incident.

Odessa police said if Thompson is convicted the maximum sentence for each charge she could spend over 50 years in jail.

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