Fire station on the move after nearly six decade stay

Fire station on the move after nearly six decade stay

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After almost 60 years, the fire fighters housed at Midland's Fire Station 6 will be moving to a new location. 

Robert Isbell, Midland Fire Chief said, "It's in just a dire need of upgrades and expansion. It was designed for about two to three people to work out of back in 1958 and today we have seven people living in it 24 hours a day."

Equipment is left outside and its hard for the department to run any training there.

"It's just an old small station," said Isbell.

The new location for the station will be on Tradewinds Boulevard and the department hopes to continue to keep response times for emergencies around four minutes.

"We're losing just a small sliver of that response time, so we'll go to 4 1/2 almost 5 minutes drive time to meet the industrial areas down along I-20 that Station 6 still covers today," said Isbell.

The model for Station 6 will resemble Station 10 which was built recently. Officials want to continue to provide the best service for the city.

"We're excited to be able to open a new station that's going to cover more of the growth as well as the existing Station 6 district within that response time and continue serving the citizens of Midland the way they've always expected," said Isbell.

Construction has already begun for the new station and will be open next summer.

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